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They knew what they were getting into, In reference to kwara State school crisis

It is no longer news that some Christian Schools have remained shut even after the kwara State government said they should reopen. And the Christians and Muslims should live in peace and harmony

This whole saga started when some Christian Schools said they will not allow students who are Muslims into the school wearing hijab, that it against the school rules and regulations.

But a protest was launched by the Muslims saying they are being discriminated by school authority. The question is, these students knew or would I say the parents of these students knew that they were enrolling their wards into a Christian school and this was bound to happen. Their belief is different from the Muslim belief, so they have to adhere to the laws.

A Christian that enrolled into a Muslim school knew what he or she was getting into and as such must respect their laws to the latter. Also this has no meaning, and the parents of these students should just back off and respect the laws of these schools.

A Muslim can't enroll in a Catholic school and be wearing hijab, likewise a Catholic enrolling in a Muslim school wearing a cross around their neck. It is absurd and just a means of spiting the school authority

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