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Are You patient With The Holy Spirit ? Read This To Know How To Be Patient With The Holy Spirit

It's quite obvious that we Christians miss a lot of blessings from the holy spirit who is still God following the three person in one God due to our inpatients. We ought God to be like a God of sharp sharp which cannot be. God performs his miracles in his own period of time and that suppose to make us pray continually without easing.

Also, when we pray we dont have time to settle down stay quiet and reflect towards our prayer. Whenever we pray we are suppose to settle down and listen when God will speak to us so that we can be patient in order to receive God'a blessing. In addition, our different churches we attend is like a field that has wheat and weed that grow side by side, meaning we are living or being made up of saints and sinners. But God, who has the whole authority and power to erase all evil people is still patient with us because if we comply with his grace we can do more better.

Do you know that the holy spirit knows and understands every of our thought that is in our mind, and that is why we need to cooperate with the holy spirit who understands our thoughts and minds..

In summary, we pray may God give us the grace to be patient and focused and imitate the compassion of Christ .

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