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"These Days, Most Pastors Are Childish And Lack Vision" -Pastor Kumuyi

Christianity is a religion that requires us to be visionaries and great thinkers, there is no room for incompetence or laziness in the Lord's work. Pastor Kumuyi was very particular about this and he talked about it in today's edition of the DCLM manual.

The message was titled WOES OF CHILDISH LEADERS and he talked incompetence in the house of God. He first opened up by sharing the history of the Egyptians, they were over 3000 Pharaohs and one of the most popular ones was Tutankhamun. He wasn't popular because of his brilliant tactics, or intelligence, he became popular because of his lavish spending and careless lifestyle. He was one of the Pharaohs to lose their life at a very young age and this was due to the fact he was he spent his time fornicating and doing parties. He died at the tender age of 18 and even they buried him, they were lots of expensive items in his coffin. Imagine if other rulers were like him, Egypt wouldn't have been as successful as we know it today.

Pastor Kumuyi then compared this Pharaoh to most of our pastors today and claimed that most of them were childish and they don't really understand the mission of God. He also revealed some facts that many didn't know before, the spirituality of your Pastor can rub off on you. He is your spiritual leader and he will guide you through the thing he knows, if he is childish spiritually, it can seriously affect your life.

He also advised that you don't need to be a Pastor in your church before you can be a true spiritual leader. The maturity that comes from Christ can be attained by anyone that wants to succeed in Christ and is serious about his or her spirituality.

Source: DCLM Daily Manna Written By Pastor Kumuyi


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