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An Open Letter To All Deeper Life Girls Complaining Of The Doctrines Of Pastor Kumuyi.

I am writing to all the Deeper Life girls out there, I promised myself that one day I will share my experience with everyone out there, just to encourage a soul and why you must be proud of who you are.

Growing up I witness alot of mixed reaction from people I called my friends and even family members about how they see the deeper Life children, especially the female child. I suffered and went through lots of embarrassment from friends, relatives and even my family members.

I attended a boarding school While growing up, had my Jss1 to Sse education in a mixed school where we have both boys and girls in a classroom. Alots of friends are once who turn up for preps and night readings Wearing make-ups, tight jeans skirt, trousers and skimmy clothes. And they will be like "Mother Mary" or "Mama Jesus" won't you wear some nice clothes and make your face up, you look so old in that dress.

The boys on the hand, are not all that troublesome or they concerned about my dressing, all they want was friendship, of which I tag as sin. They always question my believe by saying all your friends do it, don't they go to church to, it was an experience I had to bear while growing up, not because it was easy for me or because my pastor told me so, but because but it was the right thing to do, believe me until today I never regret doing so.

Fast forward to my University days, I made new friends some having the same believes with me while other's weren't stable as they still entangle themselves in sin. I was with the University fellowship, precisely a choir member. Beauty was the talk of the day back then in my University days, what you wear, how you look, who your boyfriend's his, how many numbers call you everyday was the temptation I Would have conquer.

At times during discussion with friends, you hear words like hey "you're Pretty for a deeper life girl".

I once face an interrogation from a boy, he asked me these questions so fast "when are you going to make your hair?" "why isn't your hair relaxed?" "Won't you apply make up for dinner?", I laughed, and told him to calm down, that I am a Christian, a devoted one for that matter, my Pastor told me never to do such things, he was surprised and asked which church am I going to, I told him I attend Deeper Life Bible Church, I was expecting him to throw some insulting to words like others have always done to me and my church. I was surprised when he said the words "You're a good girl, stay firm to your faith''.

He told me, how he respect good girls, and how wished his sister's would be like me, that was why he asked me those questions so fast, because he never believe good girls still exist.

I got this inner urge, I felt the a calm relieve, but I kept asking myself one question, why do people think they aren't good girls anymore?

Believe it or not, deeper Life girls are far more beautiful, brilliant and smart when compare with all those slay Queens out there, I will categorically say we are proud of what we are, what we wear and how we look. What people say or think doesn't count, our eyes is far beyond the sky as we wait for the master return's.

See photos of just a few

So when next you see a deeper Life girl give her a nice compliment rather than question her faith or church, it would be nice for a start.

The church Deeper Life and it founder

William Folorunsho Kumuyi was born on the 6th of June, 1941. Pastor W.F Kumuyi is the founder and General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Life Ministry, having it headquarters in Lagos and many other branches scatter all Nigeria, Africa and the World beyond.

The church auditorium at the Head quarter is one of the biggest churches in Nigeria and contain around 30,000 worshipers, it was describe by experts as the fourth largest church in the world, this Pastor WF Kumuyi was able to achieve in his life time with the help and prayers of his members.

About Pastor WF Kumuyi

Pastor WF Kumuyi was born into a Christian home, no wonder he is a champ when he speaks, he grew up grew up with his parents in Erin-ijesha, Osun state. He completed his Secondary Education in 1961 at Mayflower School in Ikenne, a local government located in the far West, Ogun state. He Proceeded to the University were he graduated with a first class honours degree in mathematics in 1967, at the University of Ibadan, He was the best graduating Student in that year in a whole school, he was a record breaker and he's still breaking Records for God till today.

He subsequently took a post graduate course in Education at the University of Lagos, were he became a lecturer and he found his salvation in April 1964.

Remember, this articles is majorly base on true life experience, most of which are actual fact, while some certain parts was makeup to suit our present happening.

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