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Christians, Do you know? Even though God is all-knowing, He does not know the future

The headline of this article may sound very blasphemous and controversial at first, but after reading till the end you will understand that, that statement is perfectly true and scriptural.

Many scholars, clerics and scripture maestro do make the claim that God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present. While that may be true in a sense, there is a wisdom that goes along with scrutinizing these attributes we associate with God.

Now, think about this; If God knows your future, that also implies that he also knows where you will end up in (i.e. God knows where you will spend your eternity- He knows if you will make heaven or if you will rot forever in hell)

Before we go into the scripture, let me ask you a question that will strike a cord of contention - If God knows the future, Who wrote (or who determined) the future? 

In other words, Since God knows if you will end up in Hell or not, then we must ask ourselves - Who decreed that my final destination will be HELL?

God? The Devil? Somebody else? Nature?

Now, we all know that nature, devil or anybody else (apart from God) does not have the power to do that, so can we say it is that Loving,merciful,compassionate God that willed HELL for you?

God forbid!

Let's see what the scripture says on this- - -

2 PETER 3:9

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is patient towards us, NOT WILLING that any body should perish, but that all should come to repentance"

If truly the word of God is true, then you will have realized from the verse above that even God does not want anybody to perish (in other words, His desire/will is that everybody should be saved if possible)

So, if it was in God's disposition to decree where we will end up, why doesn't he just decree it that everybody should be saved (including cultists, ritualists, and the rest)? 

If truly God is loving, and he desires everyone to be saved, then he will have just decided the future to be like that.

Does this mean God is not all-knowing?

No! God truly is all-knowing. The reason why he does not know the future is because, there is nothing like an "Already Written/Scripted Future "... The past exist, the present exist, but a fully detailed, scripted future does not!

I can read your mind and I know you are already asking questions like 

1. How about those prophets that can accurately tell you what will happen in the future?

2. Some Scriptures like the book of revelation, contains things God said will happen in the future. How come?

3. Some people dream certain dreams that come to pass, if the future did not already exist, how is this possible?

This brings us to something very paramount in understanding the scriptures; 

"Even if The Future does not exist now, what will happen later (i.e. A future) can be CAUSED (in prophetic terms "forthtold") by any being that has a will"

God does not KNOW the future simply because something like an already written/scripted future does not exist, but God can definitely CAUSE (I.e. Forthtell) what will happen to anybody or anything. Let us do a very simple and practical experiment;

"Look at a wall clock and see what time it is, now tell somebody around you that in about 10 seconds you will be outside the room (or wherever you are). Tell the person to count from 1-10, and as he/she is counting, quickly walk out of the room before he counts to ten seconds"

10 seconds ago, you were in a room and you predicted to someone that you will be out 10 seconds later. True to your words, you were out of the room 10 seconds later. Does this mean you know the future (in a small degree)? No! You didn't foretell what will happen in 10 seconds, you actually CAUSED (forthtold) what will happen in 10 seconds.

Any being with a will can CAUSE the future of whatever he/she can control. If you have 100% control over your phone, then you can also CAUSE (forthtell) what will happen in the future in, say about 6 months time.

So, God doesn't know the future, He CAUSES the future. Since God has 101% control over everything he created (including you, me and everything in heaven and earth), He can CAUSE certain events to happen to them in the passage of time.

If you truly understand this truth, you will then understand this questions that seem to not have an answer. E.g-

1. Why Did God create Satan knowing he will fall?

2. Why did God put Adam and Eve in the garden and allowed the serpent to tempt them?

3. Does God know where everyone will spend their eternity?

All these mishaps are not from God. Satan has a "Will", so he technically CAUSED his own fall. God didn't put Adam in Eden knowing he (Adam) will disobey, no! God put Adam in Eden because He trusted Adam. The fall was something Adam himself caused.

I have dedicated this month of July to exposing very deep and undiluted scriptural truths, if you are a reader with a burning love for God, stay tuned by following, sharing my articles and leaving a comment (I will go through every of your comments)..

In coming articles, we will touch important doctrines like;

- The tribulation and rapture

- What happened between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2

- The fall of angels

- The Fall of man

- Where the Antichrist will come from

- Spiritual gifts

And many more....

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