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Stop Spraying The Blood Of Jesus On Witches; See The Main Purpose Of Jesus' Blood - Abel Damina

Pastor Abel Damina has made another all important clarification about how christians should apply the blood of Jesus while praying. The global pastor in his recent bible teachings revealed that many Christians do make mistakes, out of ignorance, while praying with reference to the application of the blood of Jesus in their prayers.

During his Network Life Kingdom Bible teaching on the topic, "The Blood Of Jesus", Pastor Damina admitted the fact that the blood of Jesus is powerful. He however explained that many people have abused the purpose of the blood of Jesus in their daily prayers out of ignorance. He illustrated that 'many people do pray to spiritually fill their pen with the blood of Jesus in order to pass their exams. Others daily soak themselves and their loved ones with the blood of Jesus for protection while others pray using the blood to spray on witches ' . Dr Damina explained that those who do this ignorantly assume the blood of Jesus to be some pool of red liquid substance somewhere for our daily use.

In a correctional tone, the pastor taught that the Blood Of Jesus was not shed to kill witches, not for us to use and get more money nor for us to spray it on our roads to prevent accidents. None of this was the purpose of the Blood Of Jesus. The blood is not a multipurpose liquid for our diverse application.

"The blood of Jesus was shed for the specific purpose of the remission of sin, not to kill witches. So stop spraying the blood of jesus on witches..."

"For this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins" (Matthew 26:28).

Dr. Damina further explained that Jesus applied his blood once and for all on the cross. Hence christians should enjoy the eternal benefit of the shed blood which is eternal forgiveness of sins.

"Spraying, soaking, sprinkling, pleading or painting with the blood of Jesus are all expressions of ignorance. Jesus shed his blood once for us all to enjoy his benefit", he reemphasised.

According to the pastor, applying the Blood Of Jesus in our daily prayers for diverse purpose is an act of trying to redo what Christ has already done for us and it is a display of ignorance, a big mistake in christian prayers which has no spiritual significance or effect.

Dr. Abel Damina is the general pastor of Power City International Church located at Nwaniba Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. His recent revelational bible teachings have gone a long way to correcting many people in their manner of worshipping God.

Do you agree with the pastor's teaching and interpretation of the topic?

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