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The Danger of Marrying Outside The Will of GOD

Being Christian men and women, we are not to go the way of the earth, but to look to God who is able to provide for all our needs; the spirit, the mind, and the body. Phil.4:19, all right. Even, in the field of marriage, God is the only one who knows the future, and He knows who it is that will be a good wife or a good husband to you, Gen. 2:18, 22.

At the beginning of the marriage, God brought the woman to the man. Genesis 24:7, 26-27, 40-48, 50-51. God sent his angel before Abraham 's eldest servant to take Isaac 's child. God has not changed in wisdom and love, He still leads you today, and He is willing to guide you in choosing whom to marry.


At creation, God said that there was light, and there was light, and God separated the light from the darkness. This shows that God does not want the light to mix with the darkness that is going to be unequal-yoke. Amos.3:3.3. The Word of God questioned to be permitted to walk together until they are accepted. God is against the unequal yoke of marriage, company, friendship, fellowship, etc. 2Cor. 6:14-18. Det.7:1-4.

The effects of an unfair and unequal yoke

(1) The unequal yoke of marriage will impede your spiritual growth.

(2) It will expose you to the assault of Satan, the devil, and the enemy.

(3) It is going to make God angry with you.

(4) It's going to lead you to fall back.

(5) It will prevent your prayer from being answered.

(6)In the end, it will prevent you from making heaven.

(7) It will bring guilt and humiliation.

(8) It may lead to eternal punishment in hellfire if it is unrepentant.

(9) This can lead to tension and endless confusion.

(10) It's going to make you cry more of the time than enjoy your family.

(11) It leads to eternal regret and sorrow.

(12) This also leads to high blood pressure and untimely death.

WAYS OF FINDING GOD’S WILL IN MARRIAGE: John.3:3. 1Thess.4:3. Rom.12:1-2. Ps.32:8. Ps.37:3-7.

To find the perfect will of God in marriage, we need to follow these simple steps.

(1)You must be completely rescued from sin.

(2) Be righteous and cleanse.

(3) Agree to do all things to please God.

(4) Pray with faith and with a sincere mind.

(5) Prompt obedience to God in the plain will of God through the Word of God.

(6) Never rely on the testimony of others, but on your own testimony.

(7)Look for advice from the minister or other church members who are spiritual when you're lost.

(8) Do not have an idol in your heart.

(9) God will guide you in a dream sometimes, but the vision must be in line with the written word of God.

(10)God sometimes leads you through a still small voice. Kings 19:7-12.

(11) Avoid the implementation of worldly methods and worldly wisdom.

(12) Stop covetousness and enjoyment of wealth and self-will.

(13) Stop the burden of people and of your body. Wait patiently for the Lord, God is already guiding you today, and He will guide you to His perfect will in marriage.


Ps.143:10. Mt.26:42. John.6:38. 

As you seek the perfect will of God in marriage, you must be able to truly follow the will of God anywhere and everywhere He leads. There are people like Balaam, when God said clearly that they're not going because of their greed and love for money, they 're going to go back to God and still ask me to go.Because their mind is on the money, thus the, they are not truthful in following the perfect will of God, but they are only looking for an excuse to do what they actually want to do, and the Lord is going to say to such people that it is not my perfect will, but my permissive will. Can To help us to be genuinely willing to obey nothing but the true will of God.

God will give you wisdom and understanding in Jesus name.

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