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9 Things that Satan Can Never Do to You

Devil is another word for Satan. For most religions, including Christianity, Jewish, and Islamic traditions, Satan is referred to as a powerful evil entity or spirit; Satan is seen in various sections of the Holy Bible and is considered to be evil. It is believed that Satan was once a proud angel of God who made God chase him down from the heavens. It's assumed that nothing good comes out of him and he's just come to rob, kill and ruin.

The deed of Satan is minimal, but not understood by most Christians. We accuse the devil every little thing, every mistake we accuse the devil of. Today we shall look at Satan 's boundaries in the lives of the men of Gods. The article is a little long but incredibly informative, just let go of what you're doing and get a bible (which needs to be confirmed). The New King James Edition (N.K.J.V) is the derivative of all the bible verses.

The following are various things you never knew Satan cannot do:

Satan cannot know what is on your mind: Satan cannot know through your mind what's going on but most of us think he's doing it. Satan has been on hand for a long time, so he can predict our moves. Never let someone fool you that the devil knows what happens in your head. Only God knows what is happening in your mind, as recorded in John 2:24-25

24. 24. But Jesus did not devote himself to them because He knew all people,

25. 25. And there was no need for anyone to bear the testimony of man, for He knew what was in him.

Through God's permission, Satan can not threaten you: Until any true child of God is tempted by the devil, first of all, he must take permission from Heaven. This is seen in the case of Job. The devil must have taken leave of God before he would afflict Job. Job 1:8-12

8. The Lord then said to Satan, "Have you found My servant Job, that there is one like him on earth, blameless and pure, fearing God and shunning evil?

9. And Satan asked the Almighty, "Does Job not fear God?

10. Didn't you hedge around him, his home, and all that he has on both sides? You blessed his hands' work, and his possessions grew throughout the world.

11. But now, reach out your hand and strike all it has and he'll probably mock you to your face

12.And the Lord said to Satan, "Behold, all he has is in your power; only lay no hand upon his body." So Satan departed from the presence of the Lord. Spend just a few mutinies when you can read Matt 4:1-3

Satan cannot force you to sin: Sin can simply be described as transgressing the rule. Like I said earlier, most Christians still attribute whatever wrong they do to the devil; but the fact remains that the devil can not and does not force any Christian to sin, however, he will induce you or five explanations why you ought to. Adam and Eve are a typical example; Satan hasn't manipulated them, he has only given them excuses for sin.

Satan cannot get the wicked save: The prime goal of the devil is recorded in John 10:10 as murdering, stealing, and destroying. Jesus Christ is the only One with the power to save everything. Saving in Christianity means being born again, which is very impossible without Jesus Christ

Satan cannot get the weakest saint: A saint is a person the Christians remember for being holy because of the way he or she lives. The only way to frustrate the behavior of the Devil is by living in holiness. The devil is looked at as the accuser of brothers. The moment God welcomes you as His son, the devil can't get you John 10:28

28. 28. And I will grant them eternal life, that they will not perish, neither shall any snatch them out of My hand;

 Satan cannot give life: When God created man it was his breath that gave life to man. The devil has no ability to give life spiritually, nor physically. As I said the life you are living is the result of God's breath in you. Satan can not breathe in you his dust. GENESIS 2:7 7. And the Lord God made a man out of the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and he became a living being.

Satan can not do away with Jesus Christ 's second coming: Christ 's second coming is sure to come; no matter how much we believe (if it is real or not). The devil is inept at stopping Christ 's second coming. They should always strive not to miss the coming of Jesus, because the world may not be safe after that situation.

Satan can not flee the fire lake: the devil is known to us all, and his agents are rendered hellfire. Neither can the devil leave the lake of fire nor can he become holy again during the second coming of Christ to rule with the saint. Most of you don't believe in hellfire, but it doesn't change the facts.

At the same time, Satan can not be everywhere: Satan, who is the devil too, can not be either all-powerful or all-present. The attribute can only have God. What the devil does is that he has agents (evil spirits) all around helping him fulfill much of his mission in different parts of the world. Psalms 139:9

7. How can I make use of Your Spirit? Or where can I avoid Your presence?

8. If I go up into heaven, you are there; if I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there.

9. If I take the wings in the morning and stay in most of the sea,

As a Christian hope you've known certain things you never knew the devil can't do. Do not forget that iron sharpens iron; if you have other things that you know very well, please let us know that the devil can't do through the comment box.

Thank for reading this little piece, i hope that you have gained one or two things from it, please don't forget to share it with you friends and love ones. have a blissful week ahead of you

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