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Dear Muslims, Say This Prayer To End Sorrow And Anxiety In Your Life

Dear Muslims, Say This Prayer Recommend By Prophet Muhammad To End Sorrow And Anxiety In Your Life 

Yes, islam has solution to everything, islam is not just a religion but a total comprehensive way of life.

Allah says in many verses of Qur'an, "Surely the people of Allah, no fear shall fall upon them nor shall they grieve"

If you are true believer, this prayer will sure work for You, because it's promise of Allah that he will not leave his people in sorrow. Allah may he be exalted says; " surely the promise of Allah is truth" 

This is the prayer below 

Allahuma inni abduka ibn abduka ibn umatika naasiyati biyedik maadiy fiiy hukmuk a'dlu fiiy qadouk as'aluka bikuli hismi huwa lak samayta bihi nafsak au anzaltahu fii kitaabik

au a'lamtahu ahada min khaliqiq awi ista'asarta bihi fiiy i'lmul ghayb i'ndak a'n taja'la li Qur'an raabi'a qolibiy wa nuura sodiriyy wa jaala huzniyy wa dhahaba hamniyy

Allahuma inni a'udhubika mina li hami wa lihazan wali a'jzi wa li kasal wa li bukhli wa li jubni wa dolai' dayni wa galabati li rijaal

The prayer is recommended by prophet Muhammad, it's tested and trusted. Aren't you proud of being a Muslim?

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