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Say These Prayers To Receive Deliverance And Freedom From Family Curses

Today being the 1st day in the month of May, 2021, Happy new month and indeed it has been by the Lord's mercy that we are not consumed. It is very important to seek for God's help in everything we do in this month and beyond.

There are certain misfortunes and battles many people encounter today as a result of their background (the family they came from)., and until you seperate yourself by prayers you will continue to struggle. John 8:36 says "if the son of man therefore shall make you free, you shall be freed indeed".

Say these prayers with consecration to recieve deliverance in freedom from family curses.

1. My father, my father, every blood line fighting me, let it come to an end by the precious blood of Jesus.

2. O Lord, every foundational problem and battle that is replaying otself in my life be brought to an end in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, i withraw and exempt myself from every paternal and maternal battle in Jesus name.

4. Every family Herod, monitoring my success and progress be scattered by fire.

5. Lord, i break myself from every family curses against my life, progress, marriage, education, job and everything concerning my life.

6. Lord, i will not suffer what my fathers suffered. Amen.

Thank God for answering your prayers and believe with faith that you have recieved your freedom. You can pray it alone, with friends and family too.

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