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Thursday Morning Prayer: Unlock The Shower Of Blessings With This Powerful Prayer Points

Father in heaven, I praise you oh Lord for there is none like you. I worship you this morning because you are worthy of my praise. I thank you Lord for the gift of life, hope and health. I thank you for my loved ones. Who is like unto thee oh Lord my God in all Earth. Be thou exalted for your goodness and mercy upon my life. I seek for the forgiveness of Sin, do not cast me away from your presence oh Lord. Renew me with your righteous spirit I pray with psalm 51.

Lord, I pray with your word in (Job 22:28): you said we should decree a thing, and it shall be established unto us. I decree this morning that my enemies will not see me or my loved ones this day. I send every evil arrow back to the sender oh Lord. May your alter nullify every alter that stand against my way Lord. Arise! Lord and fight against them that hurt me. Put to shame to them who seek my downfall. I pray for life, good health, open doors, favour, grace,divine upliftment and many other good things that come from thee Lord. I pray that this day will be my day of Testimony. Deliver me from any evil human and keep my soul away from they that seek my death.

Lord continue to protect my loved ones. May no harm come their way. Bless them this day and grant them those things they seek from you in prayers, Amen. Type Amen to this prayers and see that the Lord is good.

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