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Commit Your Day Into The Hands Of The Lord As You Go Out Today

It is midweek and we thank God for His goodness over our lives and family. He has been so good to us and we need to reference and hallow His name. We should not take Him for granted but we should make it an habit to put God first in everything they do. It is very Important. As we go out today, commit you day into the hands of the Lord -

Thank you Lord for keeping us throughout the night and for not allowing the enemies to come near our dwelling

We worship you for your divine protection and guidance over our lives

We thank you for answering our prayers while we went to bed last night

We worship you Lord for everything you did for us tonight

As we go out today Lord, please deliver us from all the plans of the enemy Lord

Keep us and guide us from all evils today

Accident shall not be our portion today Lord

Death and calamity will also not be our portion Lord

Keep us Lord and guide us from all the works of the enemy Lord

Provide what we will eat and drink today Lord

Let your mercy speak for us today Lord

Forgive us all our sins and cleanse us from all iniquities Lord

We shall not run into debt today, Lord

At the end of today, give us reasons to praise your name Lord

Thank you for answering our prayers, Lord

Thank you for doing more than we ask Lord

We pray in Jesus name


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