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"When Last Did You Pray For Your Dear Country?", Why Don't You Say These Prayers For Nigeria!

The political state of Nigeria at this moment is absolutely fastidious and critical. In fact, the affairs of Nigeria as at this time is quite fussy. Different cases of a COVID-19 patients are being recorded daily, accidents are happening almost every time, citizens are hungry and some are starving. The question is:

When last did you pray for your country? Why don't you say these prayers for Nigeria today? 

1:I plead for mercy and forgiveness over Nigeria in Jesus name. 

2:O Lord, save Nigeria from destruction and judgement in Jesus name. 

3:Let your healing power begin to operate upon our land in Jesus name. 

4:I command the stone of fire from God, to fall upon every national satanic operation and activity in Jesus name. 

5:Let every satanic curse on this nation, fall down to the ground and die in Jesus name.

6:By the blood of Jesus, let all ungodly sins, idolatry and vice cease in the land in Jesus name. 

7:I break every evil covenant and dedication made upon our land in Jesus name. 

8:I plead the blood of Jesus over the nation in Jesus name. 

8:Lord, wash away with your blood every cases of Corona virus in Jesus name. 

9:Let all contrary powers and authorities in Nigeria be confounded, and put to shame in Jesus name. 

10:Let the Prince of peace reign in every department of the country in Jesus name.

 After saying these prayers, why don't you drop a comment for divine approval. Drop an "Amen" for Nigeria. 

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