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What Happens When You Mention These Names Of God In Your Devotional Morning and Night Prayers

Hello Well-wishers, Readers, Followers, Friends and Fans. In this article I will be showing you the names of God that you can mention in your prayers morning and night that will result to your prayer has been answered on time.

Mainly speaking, I believe that we all know there are different ways in which different people from different parts of the world call or refer to God while calling his name.

Let's take Nigeria as a case study, in Nigeria there are about 371 ethnic groups with over 50 tribal languages in the country. Meanwhile, each tribe according to its own language has its own way of calling and referring to God while calling his name.

Some tribes in Nigeria call God in different ways relating to the language. However, those names are what we will be looking at in this article, how they can provoke God to answer your prayer.

# The Names Of God:

Elohim: Elohim is God, this name refers to God's incredible power and might.


Yahweh: Yahweh means 'The Lord' yahweh is derived from the Hebrew word "I Am".

El Shaddai: El Shaddai, means God Almighty, this name remind us that God is all power.

Jehovah Sabbaoth:

Jehovah Jireh: Jehovah Jireh means the God of all possibilities

Jehovah Shamma:

Jehovah Shalom: Jehovah shalom means the God of peace and justice

There are a lot of other names that God is referred to by people around the world, however, while doing your morning and night devotion you can just mention this names in your prayers and watch out for how God is going to answer you in the speed of light.

In conclusion:

Anytime you are praying, always learn to call God names before and after your prayer.

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