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Morning Prayers For Today Thursday, July 16

Hi, readers!

I'm a new creator to the news hub platform, and today, i'm going to share this morning prayers for today with you.

Before going through this content, I'd like to do a little bit of introduction about myself:

- My name is Victor. I joined this platform due to the love and passion I have for blogging and inspirations from The Holy Bible.

- I'm on this platform to share alot of things from Bible Inspirations, to discovering one's self and one's talent, what you're passionate about and how it can help you as an individual in so many ways, and much, much more to you and other users of Opera.

Now, this morning you're alive to experience a bright and wonderful day The Lord has given to you and you already know it's not by our powers nor might we are alive and all smiling today. So, it's always important you pray (1 Thessalonians 5:17 — Pray without ceasing) to God every day and every time no matter your religion (be it Christian or Muslim), even the traditional worshippers surprising give thanks to our God and not theirs!

Why and How you may ask.

We all know that Our God is a Supreme Being and is above every other gods. Now, when a traditional worshipper finds difficulty in providing a solution (maybe for their clan, village or community or for an individual) even from their gods, later will they know that there's a God that's above theirs who can solve all problems, difficulties and situations of life; they, then will turn to God abandoning their God's and seek for solutions to whatever problem is there on ground. What did they achieve? A simple word i'll use to describe it here is — Salvation.

Morning Prayers For Today Thursday, July 16...

Before you table your request to God, it's always important for you to thank Him first for all He has done for you, your family and loved ones and what He will still do that He is yet to do and will surely do for you only if you do one thing for Him – Dread and Avoid Sin!.

Talking about sin, that is the second prayer we need to pray after giving thanks to God. In this aspect, we should ask God to forgive us of our sins and shortcomings. Lord, we pray that you forgive us for the sins we've committed, knowingly and unknowingly!.

The next prayer is for you to ask God for what you need today, because He will surely do it – only if you have faith (Hebrews 11:1 — Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Also read: Romans 8:24 and 2 Corinthians 4:18).

Moving on! Now this is the time for you to table your requests to God. Ask Him for anything good you need and want to achieve in this life. Things you can request for; family love — many people in the world today have not experience real love in their homes, family or from relatives obviously which you may not be aware of — so then, that gives you more reasons to ask God for a genuine love from family members. (No one knows who is who, only God knows and He alone can deliver one from the snares of the wicked ones).

Other things to ask God for are; wisdom & insights, knowledge, divination and healings, pray for deliverance for someone you have in mind that may be doing wrong things — things like lyinging, obviously everyone tell a lie or the other, me not excluded, fornication and adultery, hatred for no reasonable reason and so on like that; not pleasing in the sight of God. Pray also for Divine Blessings from God right now, this instant and this moment, cause divine blessings from God is everlasting only if you chose to lose it. Psst — no reasonable man would want to lose such blessings which in no doubt, love, riches (wealth), health and many more that I can't even list are all part of the divine blessings.

Lastly, after tabling your requests to God, you thank Him again for all the prayers you've prayed and keep believing that He will do it (answer) all. All is well.

Thanks for having your wonderful time reading this post — God Bless!.

Psst — I'm a new writer to the News Hub Platform and i'll love it and encourage everyone of us to follow me to receive related articles like this and share it to your family, loved ones and friends. Always remember this — believe in God, trust in Him and have faith continually in Him.

Have a nice and lovely day, and God Bless you all in Jesus' Name.... Amen.

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