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Oyedepo: "If You Do not Pay Tithe, You are Under a Financial Curse." This Is What He Means - Opinion

The Living Faith general overseer has always thrown dust into his followers eyes with his tithe dominating messages. This is not the first nor second time he is blazing the entire public with his declarations on what would happen to anyone who does not pay tithe.

But the recent post he made on his Twitter page has made so many believers unsure of their faith. This is because despite the lockdown and the global pandemic which left the world closed for 3 moths, all he came back to tell them was to pay their tithe or remain cursed.

From his tweet, I quote, "Tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation. Prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing because when you are not paying your tithe, you are under a financial curse".

Every bit of the statement above was made in authority, not suggestion. For him to have come out fully and lay curses on his members whom he does not know how they are surviving means something is wrong somewhere.

I've never been a religious critic, but I remain a humanist in all that comes around. If he thinks that all his members are the rich pastors around him, those who own private jets like him, live in luxuries and splendour and fame, then I think he need to visit his rural churches. Where there are members who barely complete their daily square meal, not just because they are lazy but that some are facing dire life challenges.

Demanding and not even pleading for financial engagements from people you did not give job, or house, or businesses to run is not such a big deal, but laying curses on them is alarming. Where should the poor and the needy run to, to whom?

I know his children are everywhere to defend him, it's important that a child speak for his father when his matter arises but think deeply. If you are so rich, you may never understand what it means to have no food on your table and yet someone still stand on your face to tell you that you are cursed because you have refused to pay up. Shall we be blinded by religion and forget the unbalanced distribution of wealth among humanity?

So in my opinion, what he means simply is that whoever does not pay tithe will not succeed in business, will not prosper, perhaps you won't even have kids, your businesses will fail, you won't be promoted, or better still be relieved of your job. This is what it means to be cursed. Please read over again.

If this be the case, then where shall the poor and the needy run to?

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