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Is this wisdom?: Nigerian Youths happily rains showers of Money on their Church Pastor

Its not unusual in Nigeria to see people spend money with passion on religious activities and beliefs. The style of some religious organizations especially churches nowadays has come under serious criticisms in recent times as some of the behaviors being displayed during their worship does not have any biblical backing.

Pastor Odumeje, "The Lion himself" is one of those Pastors sometimes ago being criticized for allowing some of these acts where persons of all kind continually flaunt and spray money on the altar in the church. A lot of persons view this as not decent enough in a civil society.

Another video has emerged online, this time around from a yet to be identified pastor. In the video, some Nigerian Youths were seen raining showers of money on the altar as they dance.

You can check the video here

This behaviour is now becoming so popular and worrisome.

Owing to the level of poverty in Nigeria, are there not other things they could spend money on and people they could help?. Even if you want to donate money to religious bodies, could it not be done in a more civilised manner?

What do you think about it? Who is to be blamed, Is it the youths themselves or the Pastors. 

Let's hear your views in the comment section.

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