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"You won't be poor if you don't pay tithe" - Reno Omokri counters Bishop Oyedepo

Vocal Author and Lawyer, Reno Omokri has had his say on the issue of Tithing in Christianity. This is no doubt in relation to a recent Tweet from Bishop Oyedepo which stated prosperity is impossible without tithing.

The statement from Bishop Oyedepo has seen a lot of Christians disagreeing with his stand on Tithing. Now, Reno Omokri who is also the host of a Christian Network has shared his opinion on this.

Reno Omokri said that Only Levites, the Fatherless and widows should benefit from tithes according to the scriptures. He further said that people won't be poor if they don't pay tithes.

"According to Scripture (Deu 26:12), the ONLY people who should benefit from tithes are Levites, fatherless, widows and the poor. Pastors are NOT included. In the New Testament, we are ALL “a royal priesthood”. You wont be poor if you dont pay tithe"

What's your opinion on this talking point of Tithe?

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