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The Category Of People Who Should Not Use Holy Ghost Fire In Their Prayers

The name of Holy Ghost is sweet in mouth of many people, both believers and non-believers. They believe in the efficacy of power in Holy Ghost to consume or fire their enemies. Mind you, there is nothing bad in calling on the Holy Ghost fire to consume one's life challenges and spiritual enemies of progress, but the calling of Holy Ghost fire during prayer session may not be effective if one belong to the category of people that I want to discuss in this article.

Indeed, Holy Ghost fire is an important weapon in the hand of the Godly, the true children of God, who are the children of God? Children of God are those whose sins have been forgiven, have faith in God and living a life that is above sin, that is, sin has no dominion over them again. They are righteous before God, their names have been written in the book of life of God at the point of their salvation from sin. When these category of people call on Holy Ghost fire to consume or burn their life challenges and spiritual enemies of progress, it will avail for such, meanwhile, the reverse is the case of those people who are still living life of sin.

Infact, this category of people who are still commiting sins, despite the fact that, they attend worshipping centres (churches), are not entitled to call on Holy Ghost to send down fire to consume their enemies of progress, or else, God forbids, they themselves may be consumed of the Holy Ghost fire. The only access this category of people can have is to call on the Holy Ghost fire to consume or burn their sinful life, so that they can be qualified to make use of the fire of Holy Ghost.

My esteemed readers, if you have not been given your life to Jesus Christ, and accept Him as your Lord and Saviour, kindly do today, confess, repent and forsake your sinful life, have faith in God that He will surely save you, believe in the precious blood of attornment Jesus Christ, that he shed on the cross calvary.

May you be qualified as one of the children of God who is entitled to call on the Holy Ghost fire to consume all your life challenges and spiritual enemies of your progress, promotion and success, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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