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Say These Prayers Today, Monday 12th April, 2021

Ancient of days I adore you because you are so kind to me. I give you all glory, honour and adoration for you are always there for me. Thank you for making me to see another wonderful day in the land of the living. May you accept my appreciation in Jesus name. Lord Jesus, I have come before you this morning, any sin that may want to hinder my prayers, forgive me in Jesus name. Lord make me holy in Jesus name.

Say the following prayers ;

 1.Lord as I go out this day, let your glory be seen in my life in Jesus name.

 2.I pray that anywhere I step my feet into, your mercy will speak for me in Jesus name.

 3.I reject any form of accident and death in Jesus name.

 4.Lord bless my finances today in Jesus name.

 5.I pray that all my destiny helpers will find me today and help me in Jesus name.

 6.I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.

 7.I pray that your holy spirit will not depart from me in Jesus name.

 8.Thank you Lord Almighty for granting my requests in Jesus name. 

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