Meet The Subcategory Of The Hausa People Who Didn't Accept Islam

Maguzawa are a subcategory of the Hausa people. Most of the citizens are found in the rural areas close to Kano and Katsina and other parts of Northern Nigeria. They are known to have facial scarification similar to early rulers of Kano and Katsina.

They stayed away from Islamisation in northern Nigeria by fleeing to rural areas during the Islamic transformation. They did not follow Islam when it was brought to northern Nigeria in the fifteenth century; instead, they practiced their traditional religion.

The Hausa are a diverse but culturally homogeneous people based primarily in the Sahelian and the sparse savanna areas of southern Niger and northern Nigeria respectively, numbering over 80 million people.

In terms of culture, there are only two major differences between Muslim Hausas and the Maguzawa: religion and social organization. However, most of the Maguzawas have converted to Christianity. That is why you can see most of Hausa Christians in the rural areas.

Picture only used for illustrative purpose.

Hausa Hausa Christians Kano Maguzawa Nigeria


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