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What makes you relevant in life?

Nobody is created empty. Everybody is created with a purpose and endowed with all the energy, potentials and vibes to achieve greatness.

You do not need anyone to tell you who you are because you are the one to tell people who you are. You are the one to make people see who you are.

Nobody is created to be useless in life. As you are a perfect work of God, you are not useless; you are beautiful and great, designed for a great purpose in life.

But it is so confounding how some people turn out to be useless in life. I want you to understand the fact that when you are not serving a purpose in life, you are useless; when you are manipulated by the devil to constitute nuisance, misbehave and be a thorn in the flesh of people around you, you are useless; when your family or the society have no good remark about you, you are useless; when you do not have any responsibility, you are useless.

Nobody is to blame when you become useless, you are the cause of your predicament because you allowed yourself to be captured by the devil. If you are hot with the power of God, the devil cannot toil with your life. Because the Bible expressed that Jesus Christ had come to baptize us with the Holy Spirit and fire. When you have the baptism of fire, the devil cannot manipulate you.

The question is this: what makes you relevant in life?

What makes you relevant in life is that beautiful thing God deposited inside you with which you fulfill a great destiny in life.

What makes you relevant in life is when you are serving a purpose; a remarkable purpose. When your family or the society feels and appreciates your impact, that is what makes you relevant in life.

Despite the fact that there is a high level of moral decadence in the society, the Bible expressed that we should not be conformed to the world. Do not succumb to the persuasions of the unscrupulous ones to enmesh in delinquencies. Remember you have a purpose; make them see how relevant you are by abstaining from evil and adhering to good principles.

God help you and give you the power to achieve your purpose in life.

This article is dedicated to all Nigerian youths, may God bless you all, AMEN!

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