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Bishop David Oyedepo's prophecies and ministry - Opinion

Why do many Nigerians not believe in Bishop David Oyedepo's prophecies and ministry? - Opinion

The President and founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo had been receiving different trolls on social media platforms from Nigerians and it is now a thing to ask questions about.

Wherever the Bishop ministers or makes a statement about spiritual things, either Miracles or healing, Nigerians tend to be unbelievably doubtful towards whatever he does.

The Bishop who started off from the very scract as many do not know have become so successful that he ranks among the top ministers in the world but still is being trolled and insulted by many Nigerians.

As an African and a Nigerian pastor, the Bishop has placed Nigerian's name on the world map several times with the miracles God uses him to perform and how far out of the country such news spreads.

Bishop David Oyedepo holds a program every December which gathers people from all over the world in the Living Faith Church headquarters in Ota Ogun state Nigeria.

Shiloh comprises of thousands of people who come together just to hear Bishop Oyedepo speak God's word to them as directed by the holy spirit of God.

Bishop David Oyedepo has been and is currently sponsoring many youths scholarships to study both in Nigeria and abroad, he owns a foundation where they visit and help the less privileges in their localities.

With all the miracles, help, giving and more Nigerians still troll and call him all sorts of negative names, especially since he gave his view on tithing and offering during the tithing and offering saga with Daddy Freeze.

The Bishop recently announced that 62 infected patients have been cured of the virus but Nigerians still do not believe him, instead they cursed and called him names. The comments I saw made me write this, so many insults and name calling, here are some screenshots of the comments,

Now, my question remains, with all he has done and is doing for and to Nigerians, why do many Nigerians not believe that Bishop Oyedepo is a true man of God?

Please make your answer clear enough and detailed with reasons.

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