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5 Kinds of Prayer You Should Pray In The Morning & Night

It's is very important to start your day on a good note and also end it the same way. This can be achieved by being prayerful in the morning and at night before going to bed. Some people just come home, rest, eat and go to bed this is the normal routine but don't forget to include prayers in all of your routines.

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The book of 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says; “Pray without ceasing;” and that should be what we should observe without failing. It's like a mandate and instructional guide that you shouldn't break. However, for an effective day, there are 5 kinds of prayer you should pray in the morning and night and here they are below;

1. Dear father, I know I am a sinner who has wronged you in many ways but your mercy keeps speaking for me (Isaiah 1:18). Thank you for accepting me and showing me your love always through Jesus Christ.

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2. Thank you for giving me my daily bread (Like 11:2-4) and for providing for me and my family. Help us to forgive those who have wronged also and provide for those who also are in need as well.

3. Thank you for the authority you have given us through the name of Jesus Christ. I stand in that authority in Luke 10:19 and I say; any form of evil attack and wickedness thrown my way and that of my household are destroyed in the name of Jesus.

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4. I ask that you silence every demonic attack that has been sent in my way. No weapon directed against me shall prosper and no works of the enemy can ever hold in my life.

5. Thank you for helping me to renew my mind (Roman 12:2). No sickness diseases and attacks can penetrate my body because the word of God is medicine into my body (Proverb 4:22). Hallelujah

The reason why you should pray these prayers is they help to edify your body and mind. It protects and guide you from evil, and using the Bible scriptures helps to connect you to God's instructions as well.

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