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Have you read these words by Bishop Oyedepo

On a program on Rccg's dove tv, Bishop oyedepo of winners chapel was the guest... 

He made quite a lot of point about giving to God.. 

But he also kind of went against his own words when he said the money you give willingly is the one acceptable by God and that's the one that get you the reward from God.. 


So why the cursing? 

Why the manipulations? 

When you know people are scared of such from even an ordinary person, not to now mention when it is coming from a well known and respected God of man, sorry, i meant 'man of God'... 

He always say that to tap and draw from that unlimited wealth and prosperity well,one needs to pay tithe... 

Seriously? Tithing does such? 

Where are the main tithers? 

Who are they? 

More than 50percent are average people, we all know that.. 

That's not a news at all(they would rather watch their own children starve than not pay tithes).. 

They don't have food for the month, but they have that 10percent, that untouchable 10percent that their church must be given so they won't be denied of heavenly blessings from God... 


Are we really going to continue in this mental slavery, where someones interpretation of the bible decides yours too? (No, personal relationship with Gods words to understand things yourself...) 

(Remember: God doesn't have grandchildren) 

What if he comes tomorrow and claims it's now 20percent? 

I bet many will start the 20percent immediately.. 

And you Dare not talk about these issues about a pastor or Bishop with some people, they're so scared that they feel a curse is waiting on them for such.. 

Please, emancipate yourself from mental slavery..(this global issue of the virus has really opened the eyes of many church goers,yes I said goers, not members or workers...) Your pastor feels threatened that his regular Sunday manipulations can't always work except you come to a live service where he can see reactions (if he wasn't manipulating,you shouldn't always need him or her to communicate effectively with your own maker, but they made you feel they have better means than you ..right,so everytime you run to them).. 

In my opinion,I'm not against tithes... if you want to give, be it your offerings or tithes... You don't need your pastors permission, neither do you need the fore corners of any building... 

Give it to those who need it(less privileged ones) ..even that neighbor of yours going through a rough time..

The good you do for someone who can't pay you back, goes a long way my friend ...

Thanks for your time..

Please follow or should I put a curse?


Content created and supplied by: Joshboy4 (via Opera News )

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