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Uplifting prayer lines for the new week

1.   I pray for you today that the challenges of the week will not break you. May whatever problems that occur during the week not terminate your life. May you not come across any form of discouragement. May you be a light to the paths of so many that are already lost in darkness. May the love of what you do be the fuel that will drive you to your weekly destination. Have a great and wonderful week ahead. May God bless you.


2.   Help the needy, give to the poor, support the handicapped in anyway way you can. God is watching and he will bless you in the new week. It is your time to shine and you must shine. So far you serve the great and living God. He will perfect all the imperfections in your life and make you be the standout champion. Happy new week. May God be with you!



3.   All the strangers you meet this week will feel the impact of God in your life. God will use strangers to bless you in a way you never expect. You will be a shining light for those that are already lost in fraud and bad work behaviors. May you find every reason to rejoice in God by the end of the week. May your season be filled with bountiful harvest. God has blessed you already. Have an amazing week and a glorious one as well.


4.   Remember to put God first as you start the new week. Make him number one on your priority list, and he will awaken your soul and bless you in many ways. As you prepare to go on your way to the new week, you will find favor from all men and in everywhere you go to. Happy blessed week ahead. May God be with you and bless you.


5.   God will give to you the tenacity to go through the week. When you are tired, weary and almost giving up, he will come to your rescue. God will grant you the ability to remain happy and bubbly even when things don’t seem to go right. He will give you the strength to get things done. Happy new week and have a blessed day ahead.



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