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2 important things Bishop Oyedepo told his members about making sacrifices

Many people have made sacrifices in different areas of life. Sim people have sacrificed their money, talent, time and other resources and valuables for the sake of others.

Before you we go on this topic, there is need to define sacrifice so that those who may not know what it means get knowledge of it. Anyway, sacrifice is giving up something special for us in consideration of other people.

Sometimes, it is difficult to give up something valuable to us for the sake of others. But Bishop David Oyedepo in his message during Covenant Hour of Prayers revealed important things that should be adhere to when making sacrifices. He made it clear that sacrifices are not determined by volume or quantity of what we give out rather, it is determined by the cost on you as a person. 

In this post, we will see two important things Bishop David Oyedepo told his congregation concerning sacrifice that we should learn from and act by them. As you read this article, I believe you will learn something from what Bishop Oyedepo told his members.

1. Your Sacrifice Is Not Determined By Its Volume But The Cost It Has On You:

Speaking during the Covenant Hour of Prayers, the founder and General Overseer of Living Faith Church popularly known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, made it clear that sacrifices are not determined by its volume but by the cost on you as a person.

According to Church Gist Bishop Oyedepo was quoted to have said; "Sacrifice is not determined by a volume, if it is in terms of seed, but by the cost on you as a person. That’s why the widow’s mite was rated the greatest seed: it was a mite, a penny and then she gave the greatest because of the cost on her."

2. Your Sacrifice Of Time, Energy And Resources Has Capacity To Turn Your Captivity:

Another important thing he said about sacrifices was that there are benefits in making sacrifices for others.

Honestly, it is not easy to sacrifice something valuable to us for others but the respected man of God encouraged his congregation to learn to give out something even when it's not convenience for them.

The founder of Living Faith Church told his members that sincere sacrifice of time, energy and resources has capacity to turn captivity and trouble of life into wonders and breakthrough. He advised them to begin to make sacrifices if they have not made anyone.

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