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If You Always Have Bad Dreams, Here Are 2 Bible Verses To Read Before Sleeping In The Night

Dreams are one of the things that human beings experience while sleeping and some of these dreams can be good while others could be bad.

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However, a lot of people ignore the meaning of their dreams because they don't know that dreams have spiritual and physical implications. Also, some people are looking for ways to avoid having bad dreams while sleeping in the night.

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So, if you always have bad dreams, here are 2 Bible verses to read before sleeping in the night.

People Should Read Proverbs 3:24 Before Sleeping In The Night To Avoid Having Bad Dreams.

In this verse of the Bible, God told people not to be afraid when they want to sleep. However, He promised them that their sleep will be sweet.

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Therefore, people are advised to always read this verse of the Bible so that they won't experience or have bad dreams.

People Should Read Psalm 91:11 Before Sleeping In The Night.

Also, the Bible said that God will give His angels charge over you in order to keep and protect you in all your ways.

So, people should endeavour to read this verse of the Bible before sleeping in order to avoid bad dreams.

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