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Say These Prayers By 1AM This Midnight And Watch Out For The Effect On Your Life.

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Psalm 46:6-9 KJV

[6] The pagans were raging; the kingdoms moved; his voice uttered; the earth melted.

[7] Our Lord of hosts is here; our refuge is the God of Jacob. Selah. Selah!

[8] Come, see the works of the Lord that he has created on earth desolations.

[9] The wars are made to stop until the ends of the world; the arch is torn up, the spear cut down in sunder; the carriage is burned in the flames.

-- Someone who rages at my life, whether it be national or foreign politics, begins to loosen the oppressive control over my life.

-- every way that the force (seems) before my life is ranting and raving, starts to loosen your hold and control on my life disgracefully.-

— Dad, ban all wars prepared against my demonstrations from pole to pole in the rest of the half of 2020!

-- This year I declare every move to triumph!

Mark 5:9-13 KJV

[9] He asked him, "What's your name?" And he said, "My name's Legion, because there are many of us."

[10] And he asked him a lot not to send them out of the country.

[11] A huge flock of swine feeding was now near the mountains.

[12] Then all the devils asked him, "Send us in the swine to come in to them."

[13] And Jesus gave them leave immediately. And there came forth unclean spirits, and entered into the pigs: and the herd fell down a steep place into the sea, about two thousand; and they were shocked in the sea.

Have you seen a man full of the captured man and even protection of his enemy's interest?

Jesus asked for his name and he said his name to Jesus by saying that we're many. He can not stand up to Himself and can not be in his own mind unless the Lord removes the devils from His soul.

-- Let there be a strong distinction today in my life, as God is alive, between me and any spotless thorn!

-- Dad tonight kindly expose everything I defended and all I hack my life!-Father ...

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