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Happy Easter: Checkout How Most Countries Celebrate Easter

For Christians across the world, Easter day, is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The day in most families start in church and end with enjoyment.

But is very important to know that other countries have different way of celebrating Easter.

See how most countries celebrate Easter.


In Greek island of Corfu, they celebrate Easter by throwing old pots out of their windows in the streets that is their Easter Saturday morning tradition. They copy this tradition from the people of Venice, in Italy, they throw out their possessions.


In Ukraine, people pour each other water on Easter Monday. According to them is called, Wet Monday and it happens in other countries like Poland too. Is a tradition that has to do with the baptism of one Polish prince hundreds of years ago.


In a small town in south of France, people gather every Easter Monday to share one massive egg, which is called, omelette! its about 15,000 eggs they use, and is big enough to feed thousands of people, According to report, The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte like the omelette, after tasting it and order them to prepare a bigger one for him and his army. That was how the tradition started.


Outside Europe, in the White House in America where the country president live, they celebrate annual Easter egg roll in the grass. This tradition start far back in 1878 when President Rutherford B Hayes was in charge of the country, It is done on Easter Monday and the President's wife (The first lady) is usually in charge of the event.

5.Northern Europe

In parts of Scandinavia, children dress up, a bit like Halloween, and ask for chocolates and treats in streets. they put on head scarves, make up and carry twigs with feathers as part of the tradition.

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