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Ten Prophetic Prayers And Declarations For This Week

The Bible says in Job 22:28

 "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways"

In the light of the above scripture, declare the following:

1.Let there be a dethronement of evil rule, ordinance and governance of the enemy. I hereby establish the agenda, rule and dominion of God over my life and my territory. 

2. Let there be an arrest of every attack on my marriage now in the name of Jesus!.

3. I speak to my hands today, that whatever harvest that you are meant to handle, it will locate you from the North, south, East and West. I hereby declare my hands fruitful in Jesus name.4. By the virtue of the anointing on the Word of God as declared in Job 22:28, I declare that every terminal disease in my body is cancelled in the name of Jesus!

5. I nullify every appointment with death, lack and frustration in Jesus name.

6. Whatever God has not planted that is growing on my inside, be it physical or spiritual, I curse it right now in the name of Jesus!.

7. I decree and declare that my hands will handle jaw-dropping and amazing favour this week in Jesus name.

8. I curse the spirit of delay over my life and family in Jesus name.

9. Every Spirit of frustration is hereby terminated in Jesus name.

10. I terminate every Spirit of barrenness in my life and family: be it physical, financial, mental or spiritual. Thank you Jesus for a performance of these words. 


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