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"Mysteries Of The Ark Of God"- One Of The Most Powerful And Sacred Objects In The Bible

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This article tells us more about the mysteries, sacrality and events surrounding the Ark of The Covenant or fondly called The Ark of God, starting from the time it was created till the last known location of the ark.

What Is The Ark Of God Or The Ark Of The Covenant?

The rectangular shaped object as seen in the picture above, is known as the Ark of God or the Ark of the Covenant. It is a chest that was contructed by the Israelites after they fled Egypt, while they camped in the Sinai Desert. This Ark held tablets that were engraved with the Ten Commandments obtained by Moses from God, on mount Sinai.

About The Ark Of The Covenant And How It Came To Be.

There are two major stories from the bible that describes the construction of the ark by the Israelites, but the first and the most famous of the versions can be found written in the Book of Exodus, which describes how an enormous amount of gold and other valuables were used by the Israelites, when they were constructing the ark. The second version of the bible, which can be found written in the Book of Deuteronomy, explains in brief words about the construction of an ark that was made just of wood.

Trying to understand the stories that surround the ark may be quite challeging, due to many different accounts being given from different versions of the bible, because some scholars also believe that not just one ark was actually constructed, rather, multiple may have been created and used at different times or the same time.

Illustration of Moses With The Ten Commandments Above.

Following the story of the ark that was told in the book of Exodus, it described in good details how Moses was ordered by God to instruct the Israelites about building an ark made with gold and wood, yet the Israelites received strict guidance from God on every step they were to take and specific materials that was to be used in the construction of the ark. Refer to Exodus 25:10, for detailed analysis.

Illustration of Bezalel and Oholiab Above While Building The Ark.

Further more, God specifically chose a man named Bezalel to build the Ark and all the furnishings located within the tabernacle, and this is according to the Hebrew Bible, when God said he had filled him with the Spirit, understanding, wisdom, knowledge and all other kinds of skills. You can clarify this in the book of Exodus 31:3-5. God chose Oholiab to be Bezalel's assistant, who also had good skills as a craftsman, to help them.

Digging Deep Into The Mystery And Power Of The Ark.

When King Solomon reigned, the first Temple, which was the holiest of places in Judaism, this temple was constructed in Jerusalem and the Ark was placed in the inner sanctuary which was covered in gold, according to the Hebrew Bible.

The ark of the covenant had a number of seemingly very magical powers, following the Hebrew bible. In a story that some of us may already know, the Jordan River had stopped flowing and remained stagnant when a group of priests who carried the ark of the covenant were crossing the river. Some other tales about the ark tells us how the Israelites had taken the ark along with them into battle and defeated their enemies with the powers of the sacred ark of God.

The ark was so powerful that during the time when the ark was captured by the Philistines, the Philistines suffered outbreaks of tumors and diseases which afflicted them, whereby forcing them to return the ark of the covenant to the Israelites. Some other stories being told about the ark, tells us that the sacred ark destroyed anyone who attempted to touch it or look inside it.

The Above image is an engraving, depicting the Ark of the Covenant. Image shot 1885. Photo Credit - Alarmy Stock Photos.

The Modest Ark Of The Covenant:

The Book of Deuteronomy, on the other hand, tells the story of the construction of a much more modest Ark of the Covenant. The book says that at one point the Israelis were worshipping a golden calf instead of God. Moses was so enraged by this that he smashed the stone tablets engraved with the Ten Commandments. God ordered Moses to help create new tablets engraved with the Ten Commandments and create a wooden ark that they could be placed in.

Are There Multiple Arks Of The Covenant?

We mustn't rule out the fact or possiblility of that there may have been multiple arks that may have been used at different times or during that same period.

Tudor Parfitt, a professor of religion from the International University of Florida, had performed an extensive research regarding the ark, wrote a book titled "The Lost Ark Of The Covenant", and he explained that those early arks must have been ordinary "simple wooden containers". Soon after the Israeli worship became centralized throughout Jerusalem, the story to describe an elaborate Ark Of God made of gold must have been retold, according to Parfitt.

(Image credit: Photo by I. Vassil, released into public domain through Wikimedia)

The Bas-relief Image Above Shows Us The Ark Of God Being Carried.

The above image was taken from the Auch Cathedral in France. Meanwhile, a newly translated text of the Hebrew language claims to reveal actual locations of the treasures from the temple of King Solomon, and also explains the fate of the Ark itself.

Stories About The Survival Of The Ark

The knowledge of what really happened to the ark isn't known, especially after the first Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians, as all indicators point to a fact that the ark vanished during the time when Babylonians conquered Jerusalem as far back as in 587 B.C.

Following the Book of Maccabees, it suggests that the ark of the covenant was hidden in a cave on Mount Nebo, by Jeremiah who was a prophet. Jeremiah, who stated that "the place of the ark will remain unknown until the time when God gathers his own people together again, and shows mercy." Please clarify this at 2 Maccabees 2:7.

Another tale of the ark suggests that the ark was brought to Ethiopia, and kept in Axum, inside - Our Lady Mary of Zion Church. Supposedly, it is only the Guardian of this Ark that is allowed to view or touch the ark of the covenant. However, Live Science reported not too long ago that a scholar who is named Edward Ullendorff, had seen the ark of the covenant during the World War II, but discovered that it wasn't the original ark of God.

Illustration Images Of the Tabernacle Where The Ark Was Kept In The Sinai Desert, Above.

So many other different stories concerning the ark's survival that Professor Parfitt mentioned in the book which he wrote. A line of stories claim the ark of God is hidden somewhere near Jerusalem, the city of Mecca and as well as in New Guinea.

According to the book of Revelation 11:19, it indicates that the ark of the covenant will surface again during the end times, precisely during the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. What's your opinion regarding the ark of the covenant? Please let me know by dropping your comments below and do remember to like, share and follow ArticleHub for far more interesting and educative revelations.

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