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Command God's Blessings Over Your Life With These Short Prayer Points Before Going To Bed Tonight

Our present help in the time of needs, the holy one of Israel, we worship you, we adore your holy name, we give you thanks for your love and kindness over our life. Heavenly Father, we worship you from the depth of our heart cus you alone is worthy of our praise. Father Lord, accept our thanks in Jesus mighty name.

Ancient of days, we look up to you tonight for divine intervention over our life and destiny. Everlasting Father, we need you to take over and manifest your power in our life tonight, in the mighty name of Jesus.

Command God's Blessings Over Your Life With These Prophetic Words Of Prayer Before Going To Bed This Wednesday Night.

1. Heavenly Father, I surrender everything at your feet tonight, you're my only hope and in you alone I put all my trust. Father please show me your mercy tonight in Jesus mighty name.

2. Father Lord, let every demonic power that is withholding my blessings be destroy tonight, let your mighty hands restore back my blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Oh Lord, every spirit of poverty that is living in me be cast away by the holy ghost fire in the mighty name of Jesus.

4. Father Lord, in all my endeavors from now henceforth, let me experience your goodness in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord, the blessings that we show forth your glory, let it be my in Jesus mighty name.

May the Lord hear and grant all your request tonight in Jesus mighty name.


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