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In These Ember-Months God shall Disappoint The plans of Your Enemies

Thank you everlasting God for another new week like this; protect us in our going out and coming in, in the name of Jesus. We shall not lack your divine provisions in this second week of October in Jesus name I prayed. Those mocking us shall see your blessings in our lives and be shocked.

What does it mean for your enemies to be disappointed? It simply means that their negative thought and plans over your life shall not come to pass, it also means that God will give you double blessings that will surprise them. It happened in the life of Mordecai and Esther and I pray after these Prayers we shall experience it, in the name of Jesus.

Enemies who was defeated in the Bible

1. Haman: after the fasting of the Jews God reversed the plot of Haman against their lives. He was later hanged in the gallow he prepared for Mordecai.

2. Jezebel: she was the wife of king Ahab, but hate children of God. Later she was thrown from a high window, and her unattended body was devoured by dogs. Etc

Now declare These Prayers with me

in these Ember-Months any power that has vowed to destroy my life and progress will be disappointed, in the name of Jesus. Angels of God shall destroy them, in the name of Jesus. From today every good thing I touch my hands shall prosper I pray through Jesus Christ my Lord, Amen.

Thank you Father

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