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All Churches Should Be Shutdown Still January 2021 Due to the COVID-19 Rise in Case [Opinion]

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I know many of us haven't been hearing much about the covid-19 rise in cases or maybe because we don't pay attention to it even though it's very important, we do. Due to these facts many people tend to ignore the real truth, when they say the covid-19 is real.

So in today's article am going to be writing out some facts in my own opinion, why churches and other local rathering centers like markets, mosques and travel center should be put on lockdown still next year.

Without wasting much of your time, let's get Right into the article.

1. Covid-19 cases are rises faster than before:

If you can see the diagram above I think you will probably notice that the covid-19 cases have risen since the day the government said to remove the lockdown. So am suggesting that if they what to reduce the number of cases in the country, they should close all churches which their members are in large amounts.

2. Not all hand sanitizer provided by churches are real:

I myself have personally witness that most churches tend to buy fake hand sanitizers just tosave profits for themselves and risk the lifes of some of their members. Well the saddest part is that only free people actually know this.

3. Most people don't maintain social distancing in churches.

I was invited for a church program by one of my friends and when their senior pastor came out to preach, I was various pastors shaking his hand and some even hug him. Well I was really surprise at the sight of that and I even wonder if this even know that covid-19 exist.

4. People can watch church programs from home, if the lockdown pushes through:

If the Nigerian government considers bringing another lockdown to the country, atleast Church members can watch their various church programs from their television and that actually a good news.


Well I just want to say that all of this points are in my own opinion and I believe mine and yours are completely different. 

So don't forget to drop your own opinion in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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