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3 Heart Desires of a Muslim for the Assurance of Faith (Opinion)

The act of belief in God is peculiar to most religions of the world. Yet the practitioners of one of the three most pronounced religions of the world, that is Islam, still has some unresolved misgivings about their faith.

According to Quran 3:145 and Quran 8:68, a Muslim needs:

1. The assurance of heaven from his or her works. Unlike a christian where the basis for assurance of heaven is from their faith in Jesus Christ (Galatians 2:16; Ephesians 2:8–10), a muslim on the other hand needs the accuracy of his or her works to have the sense of acceptance before God. And a person may not have the same capacity to do as expected.

2. The assurance of the unconditional love of God. Truly, according to the Quran, Allah is known as the Al-rahman and Al-rahim which makes Him to be All-mercy and compassionate. Yet, this love of God, according to Quran 5:54, is determined and restricted to the perfect observance of the commandments and laws. This makes God's love a conditional blessing. In fact, Quran 42:30 specifically teaches that every bad thing that happens to a man is of his own doing—that is, God is not involved, which makes some people to keep doubting the love of God for them during their hard times.

3. The assurance of eternal forgiveness. Forgiveness in Islam (Quran 8:61) is based on whether you can or cannot avenge yourself. In other words, if you have room to avenge, go for it. This is also the basis of the doubt for God's forgiveness because the person feels guilty still, believing that God would still avenge Himself.

Truly, some contemporary Islamic leaders love and preach peace and forgiveness, yet they could be hindered from achieving their goals by some ancient traditions.

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