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7 Things Bishop Oyedepo Said About Jesus' Washing His Disciples Feet

Bishop David Oyedepo spoke to his members at their Mid-week Service. It was tagged "Special Feet Washing Service" and he explained what it meant when Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. He said that the wisdom of God is higher; it can't be found in the land of the living. It cannot make sense to any natural intelligentsia because it is far above them.

He read the book of John 13 and here are 7 important things he said about Jesus washing the feet of His disciples.

1. It's a spiritual medium through which we partake of our missing inheritance in Christ. You can check the content of the unveiling of this mystery by Christ in John 13:3-1.

2. When Peter saw the look in the eyes of the Master, he knew he was about missing a treasure. "Lord, not only my feet but also my hands and my head."

3. I don't know what theological analogy came into play for anybody to think that Jesus was illustrating humility. No! He's too smart for that. He won't go and be pouring water to illustrate humility.

4. People just think they are big enough to correct God. You know we have a lot of problems today - everybody is writing a Bible.

5. God does not enforce obedience on anyone; it is simply a choice that individuals make.

6. There is nothing you do or would not do as commanded by scripture that affects God. It affects you; it affects me. There is no commandment of scriptures that is for God's benefit

7. As our feet will be washed, whatever God has said it carries will deliver in your life.

In conclusion, he said that there was war when God began to unveil the mystery of the anointing oil through this ministry. There was war across the entire land.

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