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Pst. Olukoya Explains Why He Rejected The Greetings Of An MFM Member At The Airport (VIDEO)

The country is blessed with so many anointed men of God who hear and speak the mind of God. These men of God have different denominations in which people gather to pray and worship God, and there are doctrines guiding these denominations which serve as guidance for the members.

One of the anointed men of God we have in the country is Pastor D. K Olukoya, who is very much the founder and General Overseer of the Mountain Of Fire And Miracle Ministries [MFM].

Pastor D. K Olukoya, in his message on Sunday (6th of December, 2020), preached on the topic he ttled "The Masquerading Destroyer" where he laid much emphasis on Hypocrisy!

In his sermon, he gave detailed explanation on how living a hypocritical life could be a personal masquerading destroyer and how it is bad in Christianity, knowing fully well that God hates hypocrites.

In his message, he gave two different examples to show how Christians can be hypocrite. The first example he gave was that of his member who is a medical doctor came across a former member who then shared why she stopped fellowshipping with the church. The reason she stopped fellowshipping with the church was because the medical doctor (who is an old member of the church and also lived in the same compound with her), rained different shades of insults on her which made conclude that she will never attend the church again, since that is how all their members misbehave.

The second example he gave was that of his member he met at the airport. According to him, this young lady he met at the airport walked up to him and said, "How are you sir?" "I am a member of your church and you are my spiritual father".

Pastor Olukoya rejected the greatings immediately saying, "I reject you in the name of Jesus Christ, you are not my product and you are not one of us".

What did she do? He said, "She was putting on a wicked trouser that was showing her body, a wicked chain looking like that of a wrestler, and the cloth she wore revealed her belly button".

"That is an example of people who are definitely not with us but around us. That is a typical example of Hypocrites"

Here is the link to the video.

Check out the video here.

What is your take on this? Do you think he was right to have rebuked the girl in public?

Kindly drop your comment in the comment's section.

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