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10 Questions That Prove Many Believers Do Not Believe In God - Pastor Isaiah Wealth

Pastor Isaiah Wealth, spoke to his members about 10 questions that prove that many believers do not totally believe in God. He revealed that many of us sitting in the church do not believe in God. We go to church and believe in God because the Pastor said so; we believe in God because our religion says so. According to him, deep in our hearts, we have failed to answer correctly with conviction in the depth of our hearts ten important questions. They are:

1. Is God all-knowing?

He advised them to check in their heart if they believe that God is all-knowing. According to him, if you believe in God, you will not sin because you know that He can see you. Many people don't believe in God which is a reason why they sin in the private.

2. Can God do everything?

You still doubt if God can do everything because there are things that he hasn't done for you. You might be the one delaying him with these doubts in your mind.

3. Is God good?

Many people also do not believe that God is good because he did not do something for them or because they haven't achieved what they wanted. They then keep asking if God is good and they cover it with religion.

4. Is there a God?

Some people even doubt if God exists. They doubt if he's absolute and if they should fear him instead of doing what pleases them. They know he exists but they still have a little doubt in his heart.

5. Why did God create Satan?

You began to wonder why God create Satan, the troubler of the earth. Because we can't believe God, he's not able to work it in us even if he wants to.

6. Did God know that Adam will fall? If yes, why did he allow him to fall? You might have the answer in your mind but you are not able to prove it as a Christian.

7. Why did God not answer my prayer?

You still go to church, pray, give tithe and give tithes but you still doubt because he's yet to answer your prayers.

8. Does God care about me?

Due to some persisting circumstances, you are thinking and doubting if God really cares about you.

9. Does God know me?

You are confused and doubtful if God really knows you because of the numerous creatures he created. You have the answers but you cannot prove it.

10. Does God know what I'm going through?

You doubt and ask if God knows the things you are passing through. Even when people ask you this question in public, you are unable to answer.

He revealed that all of this, working in our hearts is breaking the foundation of faith. It begins to reveal itself by that way we show our children even. Whenever they are sick, we just rush them to the hospital instead of teaching them how to pray and that God is their first response. We've not shown and exemplified to them so that when they get to school and they meet these questions, they can't answer them.

The Bible says that you will find God when you search for him with all your heart. Unfortunately, some part of you is reluctant to do the things of God because you've trusted in God and it seems as if he is not answering. He said Jesus showed him that that is why His father is not able to move among us because some part of our heart is tired of the things of God. We do not profess this publicly but in the private, we try to doubt God.

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Isaiah Wealth


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