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Check Out The Major Signs Of The Day Of Judgement In Islam

The day of judgement in Islam is also considered as the day of reckoning, everyone would be present to account for their dress on earth. No one knows when that day would arrive, it's only known to Almighty Allah.

There are some major signs which you need to look out for as they signify the arrival of the judgement day, I refer to them as the major signs of the day of judgement.

1. The first sign is the arrival of imam mehdi, this signifies the day of judgement.

2. Dajjal which is considered as evil will come and wage war on earth, this is a serious sign of the judgement day.

3. The descent of Jesus Christ would also occur, it is a major sign of the day of judgement.

4. Yajooj and Majooj would also emerge, the would also wreck havoc in the world. It is a sign of the judgement day.

5. The smoke would appear, it is a huge cloud of dark smoke and it would cover the whole earth.

6. The beast would also emerge, it is another strong sign of the judgement day.

7. The sun would rise from the west instead of the east, it is a major sign of the day of judgement in Islam.

8. Landslides would also occur, it signifies the end of the world and the beginning of the judgement day.

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