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"Healing is Children's Bread (Matt 15:22-29)"- Pray this Prayer for God's Divine Healing

" Healing is Children's Bread ( Matt 15:22-29)"- Pray this Prayer for God's Divine Healing.

Worhip God Briefly 

You are worthy oh Lord God Almighty to receive all glory, honour and power, because you created all things, and according to your pleasure they were all uniquely and wonderfully made. Thank you for Creating me faultless and without sickness.


You are my Lord and my healer, you send your Word and it became life and healing to my soul, for my sake oh God you sent your Son who gave his life to save the world, father all I need is you.

Almighty God, your word is true and and remain unshakable. Those that trust in you according to psalm 125:1 are like Mount Zion, which can never be shaken, and can never be removed. 

God Almighty, you told me in John 1:12, if I believe in your Word, You will give power to become your child, therefore, I believe and I receive the power to be one of your children.

According to the book of Matt 15:22-29, where you said that "healing is Children's Bread". God my Father I am one of your children and I receive healing upon my life, upon the lives of every member of my family.

I declare in accordance with your word in Matt 16:19 where you said that" what ever I decree on Earth shall be established in heaven , therefore I decree that I am healed, my family members who are sick are as well as healed.

Thank God with faith for healing 

I will sing your praises oh Lord my God, for you've brought me out of miry clay and set up my feet on the Rock to stand. Out of the waterless pit of sickness , you brought me out and rejuvenate my sickening flesh. (Psalm 40:2)


Therefore Lord I confessed that

✓ Today I, my family members especially those who are not strong in health and my friends are all healed from every sickness tormenting our flesh in Jesus name Amen

✓ Thank you Almighty God for answering my prayers, in Jesus name Amen.


Remember that woman with the issue of blood, it took only Faith to make her whole !

Therefore I encourage you to have Faith which comes by hearing the word of God.

Remember others

Please pray this prayer for any of your Loved ones who are not strong in health. And never doubt the efficacy of God's word !

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