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Say These Powerful Prayers For God's Protection And Mercy

The month of April is a month of Easter celebration, and we need to stay strong in prayers.

So before Easter Sunday, say these powerful prayers for God's protection and mercy. Pray for yourself and your families, pray for your friends and well-wishers.

Now repeat these prayers after me and see God's work.

1. In the name of the father, I commit this month of April into your able care, and I declare your protection upon my family. Amen

2. Father Lord, this month of Easter I come before you to surrender my life to you to protect and defend me.Amen

3. In the name of Jesus Christ, in this month which we celebrate the rising of the death, may your healing powers be upon me and my families. Amen

4. Lord Jesus Christ, I commit all my activities this month of April and as we celebrate Easter, I commit all that I'll do into your able hands and ask you Lord to protect me and your mercy will speak for me. Amen.

Say this powerful prayer for God's protection and mercy. Share with your friends, family, and relatives.

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