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Fiction : Help, My Sister Sees Things That Are Beyond Normal

Seun has always been, well, Seun. Not just now that we are older, but since when we were little children running around the streets with our panties and rolling around motorcylcle tires. Girls playing "ten-ten", or "Suwe", both a game of counting. I have always been where I was supposed to be, which is among my peers, the boys. But Seun, she's been different. She loves spending time with us boys, competing with us, and even sometimes getting into fights with one of us. We, boys have always taunted her and asked her to go play "Ten-ten" like her so called mates. She wouldn't hear of it. She was what would be termed a tom-boy. We never knew a word like that existed until when we grew older. We never called her that. We just taunted her and left it at that. If that has been the only way she was different it would have been okay. It had not being. It still wasn't. And today, that we were out with friends at a restaurant that also doubled as a bar, I just kept checking her out every other minute or so. Silently hoping one of those things wouldn't crop up like they did many times.

To be continued...

Motivated by a prompt, An Apparent Conicidence Occurs, from reedsy at [email protected]om

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