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For Total defeat of Stubborn Enemies, Breakthrough and Deliverance. Say these Night Prayers

Are you still awake, Say these Powerful Night Prayers.

There's nothing prayers cannot do in your life, there is no Mountain that can stop a child of God when prayers is involved. It is not enough to be a Christian or a believer, but it is important that your prayer life is on fire. It is of great importance that you are not a cold believer, do not take every challenge, dreams or problem for granted in your life.

As you call upon God tonight, every Stubborn enemies will be subdue. Every BATTLE raging over your life and Family will come to an end.

Oh Lord, every gathering tonight against my Family. Every gathering in the air, land and sea militating against my Rising be put asunder tonight in Jesus Name.

Every of my Property that had been hidden in their meeting points, on the tree, wherever at all. By the power of the blood of Jesus become a threat to their lives. In the Name of Jesus locate me right now in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord my God, every weapon fashioned against my success, breakthrough and Upliftment. Be destroyed without remedy right now in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Oh God of vengeance, arise on my behalf and fight every demonic battles raging over my life and Family. Destroy every BATTLE and make me a conqueror. Fight for me Heavenly Father and let me not be put to Shame.

With the Fire of the holy ghost I burn down every monitoring mirror, that has been set over my Finances, my academic success, my marriage and womb. I command such mirror to be burn down with the Fire of the Holy ghost.

Oh God cause your fire to burn within me, any sin or life style that is hindering me from carrying your anointing and Fire. Oh Lord have mercy upon me, make a threat to the camp of the Wicked.

Oh Lord arise on my behalf and destroy every hand oppressing me at Night. Causing me to have bad dreams and Night mares. Let tonight mark the end in Jesus Name.

Oh God shield me with your precious blood. I cover my room, surrounding with blood of Jesus. I am an overcomer, I am unconquerable. I am Victorious in Jesus Name. AMEN.

If you believe, seal your prayers with a POWERFUL AMEN BELOW. Share immediately and follow at the top for more.

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