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2 Things Pastor Enenche's Wife Mentioned In A Recent Sermon & How To Apply Them In One's Career

In a recent video made public on Pastor (Dr) Paul Enenche's official facebook page, his wife (Pastor Mrs. Becky Enenche) gave a sermon where she mentioned two important things. In this article, we shall be looking at the two things mentioned by Pastor Enenche's wife and how they can be applied in one's career.

The first thing Pastor Enenche's wife mentioned in her sermon titled "Seeds of Destiny" is passion. She's of the opinion that one's passion is responsible for releasing the drive, energy and enthusiasm in one's body. She also holds strongly that one's passion for something makes it easy for the person to accomplish the task.

2. The second thing Pastor Paul Enenche's wife mentioned in a recent sermon is purpose. She's strongly of the opinion that before man lay hands on anything, the person should always bear a reasonable purpose in mind.Photo Credit: Pastor Enenche's Facebook page.

Having talked about the two things mentioned by the pastor's wife, I will therefore discuss on how to apply them in one's career.

First, people need to be passionate about anything they lay hands on if they want their career to experience growth. Apparently, passion is a needed factor in the immediate stage of planning one's career. This is because passion is what makes one keep doing something overtime until it yields the expected result.

Secondly, people need to understand that a career without a purpose will never end on a positive note. When one's career has no purpose, it becomes prone to mistakes. For this to be avoided, one needs to ensure that defining a purpose is key to the growth or fall of a career.

Dear esteemed Readers, what are other ways in which you think people can apply purpose and passion in order to achieve something great in their careers?

Article's Source: Pastor Paul Enenche's Official Facebook page.

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