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Say These Brief Prayers Before You Sleep tonight

One of the greatest gifts God gave Man is the ability to communicate to him directly. Many Christians don't fully understand that privilege, because if they do, they will stop seeking after man but seek after God who has keys to all lasting things. Its very important to seek God's approval before doing some certain things because the world we live in is a very wicked and weird world. That is why as a Christian, you should always put your worries in the hands of God and not in the hands of Men because men can disappint but God can never disappoint.

brothers and sisters it's very important that we commit our lives into the Hands of God before we sleep at Night and when we wake up in the morning because this our world is filled with evil people and they are welling to kill are destroy just to accomplish their devilish desires.

Say the following Prayers Before You Sleep Tonight:

"Heavenly father, Thank you for your kind love towards me and my family, Lord thank you for providing for me and my family, Abba Father I ask you to come and watch of me and my loved ones as we are about to sleep tonight, Mighty King of kings your grace has kept me out of trouble during my activities today, night has gone and am asking for your protection as am about to lay my head to sleep. Lord I ask that you protect me and my family against every form of evil while we are about to sleep.

Thank you Lord for Prayer answered in the Mighty name of Jesus, Amen."

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