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Lessons Every Christian And Muslim In Nigeria Should Learn From This Act Of The Pope

In this photo, you can see two people who brought Christianity and Islam to Africa, specifically Nigeria.

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, the Pope of the Vatican City was photographed. This beautiful little child was practically carried to be blessed by the pope during his customary blessing hour as he passed by.

As you can see the man lifting the little baby to be blessed is not an israelite nor American but a Muslim, a believer of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)...

Did we catch a glimpse of them arguing and fighting?

These two religions profess to be a religion of love for Christians and a religion of peace for Muslims, but religion has split us apart in our beloved country.

My question now is whether we have a different kind of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria.

Why can't we accept and admit that we are all humans who need to live in peace and love, as both religions preach?

Content created and supplied by: Adeedu (via Opera News )

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