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God Have Mercy; See These Women Who Married Two Husbands

God have mercy: See these women that married two husbands

The traditional setting of a family across most part of the world is that a woman can only be married to one man. For men it's different. In Muslim countries, men are allowed to marry more than one wife. For Christians, and in most western countries, a man is to marry only one wife. In African traditional religion, men can marry as many wives as they can. But it's rare to see a woman marry two men. And the two men stay in the same house as husbands. The world is indeed changing. And more of these will start surfacing everywhere. Below are some women along side their husbands; 

1. Alexia Shrout lives with her two husbands, Doug Shrout, and Jacob Shrout-Mchaffie and their three children in Maumee, Ohio.

2. Mary Crumpton is married to John Hulls and. Tim Crumpton. Tim Crumpton is the first husband. 

3. Brisbane, loves her two husbands differently. 

4. Kenya Stevens has two sons for her two husbands. And according to her, they are at peace with each other.

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