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A Muslim Man Reveals The Number of Times The Name of Jesus Appears in 5 Different Versions of Bibles

A Muslim man whose name is Jafaru Ahmed took everyone by surprise to today including Christian and muslim followers today after showing them what many are ignorant of about the bible. He listed out the numbers of times the name of Jesus is mentioned in different versions of the bible. 

Many felt surprised as to why there are gross inconsistencies in the numbers and why fsome elt worried about the contradictory versions of the bible. These and more questions are being asked as Jafaru Ahmed delved into the bible and give out the statistics!

According to the man, here he mentioned about 5 versions, all in the New Testament. For the King James Version, the name Jesus appears 973 times, In the American Standard Version, he said Jesus names appears in 913 times while in the Revised Standard Version, it appears 924 times. Also, Young's Literal Translation says 971 times while the ESV, “Jesus” occurs 925 times.

This is deep research only that I am bit confused about the contradictory aspect of the new testament that accomomodates different names and scriptures to the extent that the numbers of times the names of Jesus appears are not the same!

However, checking the previous posts by Jafaru Ahmed, it occurred to me that he is a teacher in religious comparative analysis. In one of the post shared, he had Christians a big question - "Where in the Bible was it written to accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour?".

He insisted that Jesus is not in anyway the Lord or Saviour. He then dared anyone to come out with biblical references!

Drop your own perspective concerning this Muslim man's submission about the bible.

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