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Declare These Powerful Prayers For Open Doors This Morning (20/07/2020)

Declare These Powerful Prayers For Open Doors This Morning (20/07/2020)

We thanks lord for keeping each of us alive until this wonderful day, we must show our gratitude to God, let praise his name and worship him because there is no other God like him.

Now say this: "Lord Jesus Christ, king of Kings, thanks be to you for grace and mercy over my life. Today, being another day lord, I have come to say thank you sovereign for keeping me alive, all I say is thank you for the gift of life.

Declare These Prayer Points Before You Leave Your Home Today Morning

1. There is no name above your mighty and gracious name, you and the righteous to whom I cheer, you the one that can answer all my prayer. So shall it be.

2. Jesus Christ, forgive me each of my trespasses, cleanse me from every one of my sins. Amen

3. Father, as we are now leaving our house to search for our daily bread , may God protect us from all encounters. Amen

4. Father lord, life is like a jungle, you have to face all what comes your way. Father, may I win in any encounters that comes my way. Amen.

Declare these powerful prayers to break and unlock any chain of poverty upon your lives

1. Thank you God for keeping my life till today, it is neither by my capacity nor by my strength, but by the mercy of God towards my life.

2. O Lord, I know that I am neither the richest nor the poorest that's why am asking you for the arrangement and provision of financial aid and assistance for my life and my family. Amen

3. Jesus Christ, I declare that any chain of ignorance or poverty that they used to tie me up shall be broken in my life and my family, in the mighty name of God. O Lord, may you show us the right way.

4. Master any evil force that want to destroy my destiny, any evil power that are working against my prosperity, Lord, I ask you for total intervention, AMEN

5. O Lord Jesus, I thank you for considering each of my requests in the name of Jesus we pray. Amen

What is stopping you from writing "AMEN" to collect each of your prayers today.

Make sure you share this prayers with your friends and family.

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